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In the post COVID world, bikes are more important than ever. Skip the bus or train, instead opting for a more healthy alternative.
In EU countries, there are active subsidies that can be applied to our bikes. In most countries range from 250-500 EUR. 
We plan on integrating our electric bikes into cities around the globe, displacing traditional transport powered by fossil fuels. 
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Ride in comfort and style with multiple passengers. Our patented stabilization technology ensures a smooth ride for everyone on board. The Bafang electric motor provides an extra boost to allow for the added weight of extra passengers. Our bike meets all safety standards ensuring a secure ride for everyone.
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Cambrian™ Carbon Battery

We have introduced cutting edge technology to our electric bikes

Made from sustainable and recyclable resources, our battery uses the high performance patented “Cambrian” battery technology allowing it to rapidly charge and have longer battery life.


Ride it for fun or on your commute to work.

We know you'll love it 


Cambrian Portable Battery

A portable battery that is easy to charge in the house and carry for in-room charging or during breaks. Can choose between 110V V or 220V.


Our battery has 2 USB charging ports attached so you can charge personal electronics at any time after or during your ride.

Our bike is able to be charged in a mere 20 minutes instead of the usual 4-6 hours with standard Li-ion batteries and contains a fully recyclable battery. Charge your bike in less time than it takes to grab a coffee!
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Removing the battery is intuitive, quick, and easy. The Cambrian battery cell easily slides and lock into position and is easy to remove. Either plug directly into the bike or remove the battery to charge.
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General Charger (110/220)


In addition to the SuperQuick Charger, we provide a regular charger that supports 110V and 220V. 

 The General Charger is used by standard e-bikes taking approximately 4 hours to charge.

SuperQuick Charger™ (110/220)


With our patented SuperQuick Charger, it only takes 20 minutes to fully charge to 100% capacity. Once fully charged, enjoy 40-50 km (25-30 Mile)  of range. Standard electric bikes take 4 hours to charge. 


With our SuperQuick Charger, you can use the same chargers that charge EVs to fill up at the same time it takes to grab a coffee.







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The Bafang motor is extremely powerful at 240W which can assist riders when carrying heavy loads. The motor can accelerate the bike to a speed of 24 km/h which can be exceeded when pedaling. 


Frackers integrates the Shimano 3 speed gear system where the gear can be changed depending on incline and intended speed. 


Our Frackers bike is perfect for deliveries.  Frackers has a front basket for everyday goods including groceries and sports a rear carrying rack for more substantial packages up to 120kg.

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Our patented kickstand is easy to set and release, even with the added weight of passengers or packages on board. To prevent falls and ensure maximum safety, the handles lock into a safe position once the kickstand is deployed.


Frackers' patented dock and lock system is vital when offloading or onloading passengers or goods.

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Frackers Steering Lock

Japanese patented technology that enables a stable ride along your journey.

Maruishi Kickstand

The wide, elevated kickstand that supports the weight of multiple passengers. The proprietary technology developed by Maruishi.

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